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Packco Handling recycles many varied waste channels, from cardboard, paper, plastic, polystyrene, to confidential waste / secure shredding, WEEE, food / food surplus, wood, liquids, solvents, general waste, metals, clinical waste, and hazardous waste. We are happy to sit down with you and talk thorugh your own bespoke waste management requirements.


Our business waste solutions can be tailored to precisely fit your needs. We aim to deliver above you expectations, with sector leading waste solutions that meet your longterm needs so we can build a successful lasting relationship.


At Packco Handling our partners and customers benefit from over 30 years of recycling waste knowledge. We are happy to share any legal documents with you such as our Health and safety policy, Insurance documents, Exemption license, and Waste carriers license.

Lets talk through your Commercial Waste collection needs, call us today 01606 272402

Waste Management

We offer a FREE audit, we are  fully legally compliant and certified. Collection, transportation, monitoring and either disposal or recycling of commercial waste across all business sectors.

Waste Collections

Let us help lower your companies carbon footprint. We'll work with you to complete a Waste Assessment and then help you reduce your waste to a minimum by maximising your recycled output, in-keeping with environmental legislation.


We have over 35 years experience in the waste and recycling industry, minimising the time, effort and cost of managing your waste. Packco Handling help you recycle plastics, cardboard, paper, baling wire, baling tape, and baling twine.

" Following a really straight forward but thorough Waste Assessment Audit with Packco Handling they improved our environmental performance, lowering our carbon footprint, whilst substantially cutting our overall business waste costs "

— Sample Name, Executive Officer

Pack Handling are Commercial Waste Management specialists covering the whole of the United Kingdom. Offering FREE advice and support with waste collections and legal legislation issues whilst improving your businesses recycling waste results all at competitive prices. Simply call us today on 01606 272402 and our business waste advisors will take care of things for your business.

Commercial Waste Collection

We pride ourselves in offering safe Commercial waste collection and environmentally friendly disposal, we can help and advise you every step of the way through the potential mine field of legal legislation. We have over 35 years experience in commercial waste management, waste collections, waste disposal and proudly offer, modern, innovative, business waste disposal services that low costs, please try some of the rest then give us a call. We give every client exceptional friendly, personable customer service. Put simply low price commercial waste removal with improved recycling results with as little if any use of landfill is what we do.

Cut Commercial Waste costs whilst improving your waste recycling results. Learn more

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    Waste Management

    So exceptional customer service, improved recycling results all at the lowest cost to your business no matter how big or small your company.

    We offer business across the United Kingdom bespoke cost-effective, efficient and safe business waste strategies, we’ll take care of the waste leaving you free to get on with running a successful company.

    So contact us for a FREE no obligation quote, use our online quote form or chat to us on 01606 272402 and see how quickly you can start saving on your business waste management? Give our modern, hassle free service a try today…

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